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Doing Good at Good News Rescue Mission

Every year, the team at Cory Meyer Real Estate takes on community projects. Giving back is an important part of our culture and values. Recently, we headed over to the Good News Rescue Mission to

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Best Lunch Places in Redding California

I love to eat out!  In fact, going to the gym and eating out are the main things I do outside of work in Redding. Lunch is a great opportunity for connecting over food. Could be a

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Retreat And Rejuvenation Near Redding

I recently did something I have never done before. I took a break for 36 hours and went hiking and camping outside Redding alone for a night.  I needed to clear my head. You probably feel

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Small Town Living

I recently went to the Silver Bridge Shootout, a small bull riding event in Palo Cedro, the small town I live in.  This event was really special to me because it reminds me how much I love

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